Nightclub Photography TV seeks to be the nightclub, nightlife, and concert photography learning resource on the internet. As many budding nightclub photographers may tell you, it’s hard to find good instruction, and the tips that are publicly available are scattered all over the place. Also, Nightclub Photography seeks to breakdown barriers, stereotypes, and misperceptions that otherwise prevent people from exploring and enjoying the exciting and rewarding world of nightclub photography.

Myles Vives, the host of Nightclub Photography TV, is one of the authors of the Ultimate Nightclub Photography Guide. Myles’s love affair with photography began at a young age when he started taking travel photos over the years as he traveled around the world for family, school, and business. He eventually realized that he enjoyed taking photos of people more than scenery and got into lifestyle photography. One day, a friend introduced him to nightlife photography, and he has been hooked on it ever since. But it troubled Myles to realize the difficulty of finding proper instruction,  ‘privileged’ nightclub photographers unwilling (or unable) to educate beginners, and seemingly competitive conventions all combine to make nightclub photography seem too time consuming and problematic, even intimidating, to the uninitiated. Nightclub Photography TV seeks to change all that.

Aimed at anyone interested in truly learning about nightclub, nightlife, and concert photography, from beginners to experts, young (21 or above of course) to old, Myles and the NPTV community embrace the notion that nightclub photography can, and should be, enjoyed by all photographers. In each episode, Myles either shares nightclub photography tips or interviews successful nightclub photographers on the fly–it is unrehearsed, unscripted, and off-the-cuff.  Do I need an expensive camera to take great photos? Should I use on or off camera flash? Is it feasible to make $1000 a week in nightclub photography? NPTV has the answers. Most of all, NPTV strives to be fun, which is just what we feel nightclub photography should be.

Nightclub Photography TV airs 2 to 3 times a month.

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