Nashville & Louisville Nightclub Photographers

Nashville & Louisville Nightclub Photographers

We are an existing nightlife photography based company based out of Nashville and are expanding from Louisville into Lexington in the next month. We need photographers who would be interested in going into clubs and venues, taking pictures, and posting them online.

We do all post-editing, provide hosting, and web site. All you need to do is show up, shoot, and ftp the files over to our servers.

The ideal candidate will want to work for about 1 year to help build his portfolio. We know this isn’t a career job, but it’s one hell of a way to build a name for yourself in town as quite a few times you will run into people needing photo services that are not covered by us (weddings, model shots, and product shots).

Requirements are as folllows:

1. Have your own equipment which should include a camera capable of producing a 4×6 native resolution print.
2. Have good photography composition skills.
3. Have 3-4 nights a week free. Usually this includes Friday and Saturday.
4. Have reliable transportation.
5. Be 21 or over (in order to get into clubs).
6. Have an outgoing personality in order to establish good relationships

We currently pay 25 cents per picture that is posted. A typical walk through a venue will take 1 hour and yield about 100 photos. Of those, usually 40-50 are good enough to be posted, which translates. You will have a very good time, and you can rapidly build your name if your shoots are good enough.

If you are interested, you will need to send a few (COMPRESSED to 100k or less) 4×6 photos of your work, the type of equipment you are using, and be prepared for an interview.

We will be bringing on 1 person who will shoot 4 nights a week, and 2 other people who will shoot only 2 nights a week.

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