Seattle Nightclub Photographers Wanted

Seattle Nightclub Photographers Wanted

Looking for an upbeat, fun-loving, energetic, outgoing photographer who wants to learn nightclub photography.

Nightclub photography is a great way to meet new people, network and have fun.

We are currently training individuals on how to shoot nightclub photos.

Must be at least:
16 yo for all ages shows
18 yo for 18+
21+ for full access

**most events will be Friday and Saturday nights. With occasional wed, thurs, or sunday shoots. Obviously people have their lives to live; we don’t expect you to be at each one.
**most events will be in the Greater Seattle area. With some in Tacoma, Bellevue, Kirkland and Redmond.

To take advantage of this unique opportunity:
You should have a great personality, easy going, energetic, can handle late nights, and love to have fun!
You must have your own camera, flash, and lens(es).
Stock Kit lenses are ok as long as they are at least 3.5 and at least 24mm. (17 or 18mm is ideal. Most kit lenses should be around 18-55mm, this is fine)

Ideal Lenses:
Nikon 17-55mm or 14-24mm
Canon 17-55mm or 16-35mm
(these are not necessary, but would be the best to shoot nightclubs)

**We use Nikon and Canon. If you use Sony, Olympus or another type of DSLR, that is FINE! But please have equivalent lenses

We recommend that you have your equipment insured. We have not had an incident as of yet, but better safe than sorry!

Please DO NOT be discouraged if you are a newbie!
Being new to photography is a great thing! This is an awesome experience to learn about correct lighting, composure, structure and settings.

VIP to several clubs in the Seattle area
Access to VIP areas and behind the scenes
Access to DJ Booths
Free Drinks: soda, energy drinks, beer & alcohol (ID required for alcohol)
Free Food: if available
Access to some of the most beautiful people in Seattle
Business opportunities
Learning experience
Great for a resume
And possibly a job with our company.

Please email us the following:
- Name
- Age
- Type of equipment (make sure to be specific)
- Times available
- What you are looking to accomplish and why
- How long you have been into photography
- Photography experience (wedding photos, portraits, cosplay, etc…)
- If you have any nightclub shooting experience
- Sample pictures of your best work. Send a link(can’t attach files through craigslist)

Thank you for looking! We look forward to hearing from you soon!

Email for more information:

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3 Responses to “Seattle Nightclub Photographers Wanted”

  1. Martin says:

    Hey Myles,

    Do you know who I can contact here in Seattle in regards to nightlife Photography?

    Much Appreciated bro,


  2. Myles says:

    Hi Martin,

    Sorry, I do not know of anyone looking for photographers in Seattle right now.


  3. wayne says:

    I don’t know how well conected you may be but I live in London ontario Canada would you know any place here looking?

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